Love and Cola Wars Free Download

In honour of Canada Day’s 147th birthday, that’s July 1st in my country, I am offering a free download from Kobo or You Heart Books of my Young Adult satirical novel, Love and Cola Wars.  It’s available for 5 days only: Monday, June 30th to Friday, July 4th.  Download here: KOBO  or You Heart Books (MOBI or ePub)

Here’s what a few book bloggers had to say:

Without a doubt my inner teen-aged girl is still squee-ing obsessively over Vincente. His insecurities made Vincente extremely accessible and I liked the turnabout of seeing a vulnerable teen guy suffering from self esteem issues for a change. I Read That Book

I enjoyed that it portrayed Vincente feeling the same way a girl would feel in that situation, because personally I feel that guys are portrayed with emotions but none where the boy feels shy or like he won’t be good enough, so I like how Vincente was more “real”. Chelsea’s Reading Adventures

…this fictional world everything is sponsored from Coke and Pepsi High School to Microsoft University and these affiliations divide the world in a very strict manner. These rigid commercial castes, if you will, are a potent illustration of our own society’s stratified structure. I have no idea if any of this was intentional on the part of the author but I was struck by the way this sociological lesson was presented in a vivid and relateable manner. The Tattered Thread

As always, happy reading.  HL.



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