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Sixteen year old Coco is a good girl from a respectable home while her father is a control-freak and general pain-in-the-butt.

Her father wants her to go to Coca Cola University and study chemistry even though she wants to become a pediatrician. He expressly forbids her to date handsome Vincente, up-and-coming fencing star of rival school Pepsi High. Most infuriating of all, he arranges a date with a Microsoft college junior named Cody, a notorious philanderer. If Coco refuses, her father will ship her off to private school on the other side of the country. And she knows he will do it.
She intends to go against her father’s wishes, and with some planning, she might get it all done before her next cheerleading practice.

With the help of her Coke guidance counsellor, she’ll disobey her father to qualify for Pre-Med. She will secretly date Vincente even though he hates her deceit. Finally, Coco will set-up Cody for a crime he didn’t commit, just so that she can get out of their date night. Besides, he really deserves it.

But the whole thing just blows up in Coco’s face and she’s forced to improvise big-time.

Filled with cars, cougars and kick-ass sword fighting, LOVE AND COLA WARS is a YA satirical take on a Romeo and Juliet style love story set in the parallel world of cola and corporations.



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